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Climate Change


Link to the World Development Report on Climate Change

Link to the World Bank website on Climate Change

NGOs as well as faith networks and faith-based organizations have long been very active in the area of climate change, both in terms of advocacy and in terms of implementing projects on the ground.  Information is provided here on DDVE’s work in this area, as well as on the newly released World Development Report on climate change.  A number of links where further information is available on faith networks and organizations working on climate change are also provided below.

  • World Development Report (WDR) on Climate Change: This report, which was released on September 15, 2009, argues that climate change is expected to hit developing countries the hardest.  Its effects—higher temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent weather-related disasters—pose risks for agriculture, food, and water supplies. At stake are recent gains in the fight against poverty, hunger and disease, and the lives and livelihoods of billions of people in developing countries.  The report is available here.
  • DDVE work with WDR team: In the Spring of 2009, DDVE organized two seminars on climate change together with the WDR team.  A seminar in March featured James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool and member of the House of Lords, together with Marianne Fay, co-Director of the WDR on climate change, and Joy Phumaphi, Vice President for the Human Development Network.  In April, DDVE organized another seminar at the Civil Society Policy Forum during the World Bank-IMF 2009 Spring Meetings with participation from the WDR team, as well as the World Bank Africa Region Social Protection unit, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, and the National Religious Partnership for the Environment.  DDVE also worked on a background paper for the WDR on climate change with staff from the Finance and Economics Unit in the Sustainable Development Vice Presidency, with a focus on some of the measures to fight climate change and their cost implications, and an assessment of the potential impact of these measures on households through price/tax increases, especially for electricity tariffs.
  • Future DDVE work on climate change: DDVE has very recently received funding from the Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development to conduct analytical and capacity building work on food prices, food security and climate change.  The unit is also collaborating with the Middle East and North Africa Region in the World Bank on a study on climate change and migration in that region.  DDVE is also preparing a small survey with affiliates of Interfaith Power and Light to better assess steps taken by congregations in the US to promote renewable energy and fight climate change.  Through these various activities DDVE will actively contribute to the follow up on the new World Development Report on climate change. 

A large number of faith-based organizations are actively working on issues related to climate change.  Links to some of these organizations are provided below.



Most of the above listed organizations were part of a review by Elizabeth Allison for Yale University.


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