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Parliamentary Field Visit to Cambodia

Assessing Innovative Agricultural Research & Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy

Cambodia 1From 11-16 November, a high level delegation of 13 parliamentarians from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America visited Cambodia to witness and assess on the ground Cambodia’s development efforts through the field visit program of the PNoWB.

The first two days of the visit focused on recent innovative development and research in the field of agriculture and included visits to agricultural projects in the field. Day three to five of the visit werededicated to discussions and consultations with all major stakeholders in the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) in Cambodia. Parliamentarians held consultations with high level government officials, including the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate, the donor community, civil society and youth, the private sector and field visits to poverty reduction projects that receive support by the World Bank in agriculture, public health, education and infrastructure. The visit was hosted by the National Assembly of Cambodia and co-organized by the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank (PNoWB), the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and the World Bank.

Cambodia 2The PNoWB was founded by parliamentarians and the World Bank in 2000. Its goal is to strengthen transparency and accountability in international financial institutions by introducing new checks and balances by involving parliamentarians across the world. The Network is now an independent association of over 1000 parliamentarians from over 110 countries and has as of January 2006 functioned completely independent from the World Bank. The field visit program is one of the PNoWB’s key activities, organised jointly with the World Bank and supported by a grant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Its purpose is to foster better understanding among Parliamentarians of development activities and the role of the World Bank and donor coordination in recipient countries.

More information on the Parliamentarians in the Field program.

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