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ABCDE 2008 South Africa

The ABCDE 2008 took place in Cape Town (South Africa) on June 9. It was jointly organised by the World Bank and the National Treasury of South Africa.After four years of organizing a separate regional and global ABCDE, both events were merged to combine the regional and the global focus in one single ABCDE.

The 2008 conference edition focused on three broad themes:

  • Globalization, Investment and Growth
  • Human Development for Equitable Growth
  • The Political Economy of Shared Growth

Agenda | Speakers Bios | Conference Videos | Steering Committee | Essay Competition | Researchers Alliances for Development 


Comparative Session 1: Trade and Investment

Comparative Session 2: Migration, Remittances and Transition from Foreign Aid

Comparative Session 3: Higher Education and High-tech Industries

Comparative Session 4: Human Development

Comparative Session 5: Political Economy



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