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Regional Bank Conference on Development Economics, Beijing 2007

  • Higher Education and Migration
  • Higher Education and Development
  • Technological Innovation: Linkages between Universities and Industry
  • Higher Education and Labor Markets in Asia
The conference was opened by Wu Qidi, Vice Minister of Education in China, and featured a keynote speech by Francois Bourguignon on “Global Returns to Higher Education: Trends, Drivers, and Policy Responses”.

Plenary sessions focused on how to organize and finance the higher education sector; the role of skills migration and whether it leads to brain 'drain' or 'brain circulation'; how best to organize higher education institutions to cupport innovation; and the role of labor markets and institutions in facilitating--or hindering -- the accumulation and use of higher education.


Mark Rosenzweig
Higher Education and International Migration in Asia: Brain Circulation 

Daniel Levy
Private-Public Interfaces in Higher Education: Two Sectors Working in Sync?

Nicholas Barr
Financing Higer Education: Lessons from Developed Economies, Options for Developing Economies 

Bengt-Ake Lundvall
Higher Education, Innovation and Economic Development 

Maryann Feldman
Well-springs of Modern Economic Growth: Higher Education, Innovation and Local Economic Development 

Pawan Agarwal
Higher Education and Labour Markets in India