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ABCDE Washington 1999

The World Bank's 11th Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) took place in June 1999, in Washington, D.C. Conference themes included:

  • Economic Architecture
  • Corporate Governance
  • Crime and Violence
  • Land Reform
  • The Economics of Transition

Keynote Addresses

  1. Joseph E. Stiglitz - Whither Reform? Ten Years of the Transition (34 pages - )

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Conference Papers (PDF files)

  1. Abhijit V. Banerjee - Land Reforms: Prospects and Strategies (38 pages)
  2. François Bourguignon - Crime, Violence and Inequitable Development (38 pages)
  3. Dani Rodrik and Andres Velasco - Short-Term Capital Flows (45 pages)

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  1. Alessandra Casella -Informational Barriers to Trade: The Role of Networks (9 pages)
  2. Alessandra Casella and James E. Rauch - Anonymous Market and Group Ties in International Trade (44 pages)
  3. Paul Collier and David Dollar - Aid Allocation and Poverty Reduction (27 pages)
  4. Donald Cox - Informal Networks, Institutions and the "Soap Opera" Constraint (18 pages)
  5. J. Michael Finger and Ludger Schuknecht - Market Access Advances and Retreats Since the Uruguay Round Agreement (52 pages)
  6. Patrick Guillaumont and Lisa Chauvet - Aid and Performance: A Reassessment (28 pages)
  7. James Levinson, Steven Berry, Jed Friedman - Impacts of the Indonesian Economic Crisis: Household Evidence (37 pages)
  8. J. Michael Orszag, Peter R. Orszag, Denis J. Snower, and Joseph E. Stiglitz - The Impact of Individual Accounts: Piecemeal vs. Comprehensive Approaches (18 pages)
  9. James E. Rauch and Alessandra Casella - Overcoming Informational Barriers to International Resource Allocation: Prices and Group Ties (47 pages)
  10. Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel - Latin America's Pension Revolution: A Review of Approaches and Experience (41 pages)
  11. Brent Sohngen - The Effectiveness of Forest Carbon Sequestration Strategies with System-Wide Adjustments (25 pages)
  12. Michael Toman - Prices, Quantities, Timing and Participation in Greenhouse Gas Control Policy (14 pages)

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