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ABCDE Washington 2001

The World Bank's 13th Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) took place in May 2001, in Washington D.C. Conference themes included:

Globalization and Inequality

  • historical trends
  • inequality and social issues
  • trade and capital flows
  • e-economy and poverty

Health and Development

  • the role of non-governmental organizations in health delivery
  • intellectual property rights and costs of drugs
  • importance of health for economic development
  • what goes wrong in the market for health

Conference Papers (PDF files)

Papers are listed in order or presentation:

  1. Kevin H. O'Rourke - Globalization and Inequality: Historical Trends (41 pages - 83kb)
  2. Daniel Cohen - Fear of Globalization: The Human Capital Nexus (30 pages - 250kb)
  3. Wolfgang Keller - The Geography and Channels of Diffusion at the World (53 pages - 567kb)
  4. Isidro Soloaga, and James Tybout - Product Quality, Productive Efficiency, and International Technology Diffusion (42 pages - 122kb)
  5. Gerard Caprio and Ross Levine - Bank Regulation and Supervisions: What Works Best? (57 pages - 140kb)
  6. Nathporn Chatusripitak, and Richard Herring - The Case of the Missing Market: The Bond Market and Why It Matters for Financial Development (59 pages - 159kb)
  7. Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Rafael La Porta, and Guillermo Zamarripa -Related Lending (51 pages - 304kb)
  8. Nicholas H. Stern - A Strategy for Development (36 pages - 125kb)
  9. Jean O. Lanjouw - A Patent Policy Proposal for Global Diseases (40 pages - 107kb)
  10. Anne C. Case - Health, Income and Economic Development (42 pages - 84kb)
  11. April Harding, and Alexander S. Preker - The Economics of Public and Private Roles in Health Care (24 pages - 338kb)
  12. Jonathan Conning, and Michael Kevane - Community Based Targeting Mechanisms for Social Safety Nets (38 pages - 256kb)
  13. Emanuela Galasso, and Martin Ravallion - Decentralized Targeting of an Anti-Poverty Program (35 pages - 243kb)

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