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ABCDE Bangalore 2003

The World Bank's Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) for 2003 took place May 21-23 in Bangalore, India. The event marked the first time the ABCDE was held in a developing country. The conference theme was "Accelerating Development." Discussion topics included:

  • Fostering Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth
  • Challenges of Development in Lagging Regions
  • Participation, Inclusion and Results
  • Scaling Up and Evaluation

Conference Papers (PDF files)

Papers are listed in order of presentation:

  1. T.N. Srinivasan - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth (39 pages - 107kb)
  2. Robin Burgess, and Anthony J. Venables - Towards a Microeconomics of Growth (42 pages)
  3. Partha Dasgupta - World Poverty: Causes and Pathways (44 pages - 130kb)
  4. Justin Yifu Lin, and Mingxing Liu - Development Strategy, Viability and Challenges of Development in Lagging Regions (45 pages - 257kb)
  5. Nicholas Stern - Opportunities for India in a Changing World (17 pages - 82kb)
  6. Jean-Philippe Platteau - Community-Based Development in the Context of Within Group Heterogeneity (46 pages - 115kb)
  7. Benno J. Ndulu - Inclusiveness, Accountability and Effectiveness of Development Assistance in Africa (26 pages)
  8. Orazio Attanasio, Costas Meghir, and Miguel Szekely - Download icon, type 3Using Randomized Experiments and Structural Models for "Scaling-Up": Evidence from the PROGRESA Evaluation  (39 pages)
  9. Esther Duflo - Scaling-up and Evaluation (35 pages - 119kb)

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