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ABCDE Senegal 2005

The World Bank's 17th Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) took place in Dakar, Senegal, in January 2005. The conference marked the first time an ABCDE was held in Africa. The conference theme was "Growth and Integration." Discussion topics included:

  • Growth and Integration
  • Financial Reforms
  • Economic Development
  • Trade and Development
  • Investment Climate

Conference Papers (PDF files)

Papers are listed in order of presentation:

  1. Jean-Claude Berthélemy, University of Paris - Convergence and Development Traps (41 pages)
  2. Benn P. Eifert, Alan H. Gelb, and Bijaya Ramachandran, World Bank - The Business Environment and Comparative Advantage in Arica: Evidence from Investment Climate Data (55 pages - 298kb)
  3. Augustin K. Fosu, UNECA and Stephen A. O'Connell, Swarthmore College - Explaining African Economic Growth: The Role of Policy Syndromes
  4. Gaye Daffe, CREA, Senegal - Growth in Senegal: Features and Trends
  5. Lemma W. Senbet & Isaac Okchere - Perspectives on Financial Sector Reforms in Africa
  6. François Bourguignon, World Bank - Equity and Development in Africa

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