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ABCDE St. Petersburg 2006

The World Bank's Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) for 2006 took place in St. Petersburg, russia, January 18-19. The conference theme was "Beyond Transition," which drew on a decade of experience in economic transition in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Discussion topics included:

  • Growth After Transition, Is Rising Inequality Inevitable?
  • Economic Space
  • Governance
  • Judiaciary Foundations of a Market System

Conference Papers (PDF files)
Papers are listed in order of presentation

1. François Bourguignon
Dynamics of Institutions, Development and the Elites

2. Anders Aslund & Nazgul Jenish
The Eurasian Growth Paradox

3. Pradeep Mitra and Ruslan Yemtsov
Inequality and Growth in Transition: Does China's Increasing Inequality Portend Russia's Future

4. Guillermo Perry and Marcelo Olarreaga
Trade Liberalization, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Latin America

5. Kiran Gajwani, Ravi Kanbur and Xiaobo Zhang
Patterns of Spatial Convergence and Divergence in India and China

6. Ernesto Stein and Mariano Tommasi
The Institutional Determinants of State Capabilities in Latin America

7. Erik Berglof, Patrick Bolton, Sergei Guriev, Ekatherina Zhuravskaya
Government & Market Failures in Emerging Market Economies: Implications for Corporate Governance & Bankruptcy

8. Sergei Guriev and William Megginson
Privatization: What Have We Learned

Day 2

9. Matthew Stephenson
Judicial Reform and Development: Opportunities and Constraints

10. James H. Anderson & Cheryl Gray
Transforming Judicial Systems in Europe and Central Asia

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