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Steering Committee

Steering Committee
The ABCDE Steering Committee gathers a group of representatives from the World Bank, the host country (Government of Korea: Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Korea Development Institute (KDI), and the academic community. The Steering Committee is responsible for drafting the conference agenda; more specifically:

• Choosing Keynotes and Plenary speakers
• Identifying topics for breakfast, parallel, and round table sessions
• Deciding on side events, communication/outreach, audience mobilization, and media strategy

During the conference preparation period (September to June), the Steering Committee Meeting meets on a regular basis (every 4 to 6 weeks) to review and discuss proposal for speakers and topics put forward by its members and external partners. The Steering Committee Meetings normally take place via video and audio conferencing.

Members of the ABCDE 2009 Steering Committee:

  • World Bank
    Justin Lin,
    Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Development Economics
    Alan Gelb, Director, Development Policy, Development Economics
    Boris Pleskovic, Research Manager, Development Economics
    Aehyung Kim, Consultant, Development Economics
    Vikram Nehru, Sector Director, East Asia, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management
    Cyril Muller, Special Representative, Europe
    Do Hyeoung Kim, Alternate Executive Director
    Anna Kuznicka, Consultant, London (Observer)
    Jae Hwan Kim, Advisor to Executive Director (Observer)
  • Government of Korea
    Eun-Bo Jeong, Deputy Director General, International Finance Bureau, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea
    Kangho Lee, Director, Ministry of Strategy & Finance, Korea
    Hee-Jeong Hwang, Deputy Director, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea
    Wonhyuk Lim, Senior Fellow/Director, Office of Development Cooperation (ODECO), Korea
    Development Institute (KDI)
    Chinhee Hahn, Korea Development Institute (KDI)
    Taihee Lee, Senior Specialist, Office for Economic Development Cooperation (OEDC), Korea
    Development Institute (Observer)
  • Academia
    Jan Svejnar, Professor and Director of the International Policy Center, University of Michigan, USA
    Torgny Holmgren, Deputy Director-General, Department of Development Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden
    Yoon JeCho, Sogang University, Korea
  • Administrative Staff
    Leita Jones
    , Conference Assistant, World Bank
    Minah Kang, Research Associate, Office of Development Cooperation (ODECO), Korea Development Institute (KDI)
    Jihwan Kim, Specialist, Office of Development Cooperation (ODECO)

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