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Roundtable on Democratizing Development Economics (June 1)

**This event is closed. We are no longer accepting questions.**

Last September, World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick called for development practitioners to incorporate lessons learned and knowledge acquired from emerging markets and developing countries. The Bank has made head way through its Open Data initiative and by expanding collaboration with research institutes, students and think tanks throughout the developing world.

But is this enough to democratize development economics ? How can the development community take on board a wider set of lessons from emerging and developing countries? How can research in such countries be supported? And how can research be disseminated more widely, providing the tools for sound development policy?

Esther Duflo, Martine Durand, Kyung Wook Hur, Désiré Vencatachellum, Mustapha Nabli and Martin Ravallion will debate these issues on June 1 @ 3:30 pm (Paris)/9:30 am (DC) at the ABCDE Roundtable on Democratizing Development Economics.

Watch the LIVE stream here, follow the conversation on Twitter (@ABCDEwb) and ask your questions.

The deadline for submitting your questions is May 30.

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