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Steering Committee

The ABCDE agenda including speakers, discussants, and selection of parallel sessions is decided by a Steering Committee formed by representatives from the host country/institution, the World Bank and external academics.

This year's Steering Committee members include:


  • Jon Lomoy
    Director, Development Co-operation Directorate
  • Felix Zimmermann
    Policy Analyst, Development Co-operation Directorate
  • Paul van den Noord
    Economic Advisor to the Chief Economist
  • Stefano Scarpetta
    Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, France

  • Falilou Fall
    Responsable du Pôle d'analyse économique de la mondialisation
  • Nathalie Broadhurst
    Head of the Development Strategies Department

Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry

  • Dorothee Stik
    Deputy Head of Official Development Assistance , and Multilateral Development Institutions, Directorate General of the Treasury
  • Claude Leroy-Themeze
    Head of the Evaluation Unit for Development Activities. Multilateral Affairs, Trade and Development Policies, Directorate General of the Treasury

World Bank

  • Ann Harrison
    Director, Development Policy, DECVP
  • Claudia Sepulveda
    Senior Economist, DECPO
  • Adam Wagstaff
    Research Manager, DECHD
  • Shanta Devarajan
    Chief Economist, AFRCE
  • Ariel Fiszbein
    Chief Economist, HDNCE
  • Elizabeth King
    Sector Director, HDNED
  • Carlos Braga
    Director, EXTEU

External Academics

  • François Bourguignon
    Director, Paris School of Economics (PSE), France
  • Agustin Fosu
    Deputy Director, UN University-WIDER
  • Alejandro Gaviria
    Dean School of Economics, University de los Andes, Colombia
  • Rohini Pande
    Mohammed Kamal Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, USA

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