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Social Protection, Vulnerability, and Poverty Reduction

Developing countries responded to the multiple shocks from the food, fuel, and financial crises of 2008 and 2009 with a mix of policy responses aimed at both alleviating the immediate impact of the crises on households, particularly children, and protecting future investments in human capital. Many developing countries included safety nets measures as part of the crisis response. While some countries introduced new programs, others modified or expanded existing ones, or did both.

However, there is still a debate on whether cash transfer and conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs have been successful as an appropriate response to transient shocks, as well as to long-term structural poverty. Has avoiding “leakage” to the non-poor been overemphasized and shifted the focus away from other important issues, including assuring better coverage, maintaining incentives for escaping poverty by other means, and devising social protection policies that can act as more automatic stabilizers.

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Stefan DerconStefan Dercon   Alejandro GaviriaAlejandro Gaviria
Sudarno SumartoSudarno Sumarto   Giorgia GiovanettiGiorgia Giovanetti

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