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Webcasts for May 30, 2011

Amartya Sen Keynote Address 1
Growth-Mediated Development

Plenary Session 1: Measuring Inequality of Opportunities

Plenary Session 2: Structural Transformation, Employment Creation
and Labour Regulation

Webcasts for May 31, 2011

Andrés Velasco's Keynote Address 2
Inequality and Social Policy: The Employment Connection

Plenary Session 3: Human Capital Formation, Training and Youth

Francis Kramarz Kenynote Address 3
Revisiting Labor and Product Market Reforms in France

Plenary Session 4: Social Protection, Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction

Webcasts for June 1, 2011

Daniel Cohen Keynote Address 4
Factor Accumulation, Culture and Institutions: Where Do We Stand?

Plenary Session 5: Gender Equity and Development

 Roundtable Discussion
Democratizing Development Economics

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