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Charles Calomiris

Charles Calomiris

Columbia University

Stefan Dercon

Stefan Dercon

Oxford University and DFID Chief Economist

Conflict and Violence

  • “The Cost of Fear: The Welfare Effects of Risk of Violence in Northern Uganda”
    Marc Rockmore (Clark University)   
  • “ Agricultural Production amidst Conflict: The Effects of Shocks, Uncertainty and Governance of Non-State Armed Actors”
    María Alejandra Arias, Ana María Ibáñez, and Andrés Zambrano (Universidad de los Andes)
  • “Female Employment and Violence in the Household: Evidence from Nicaragua”
    Louise Grogan and Asha Sadanand (University of Guelph)

Managing Macrofinancial Risks

  • “Bankruptcy Risk and the Great Recession”
    Oren Levintal (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
  • “Estimating the Direct Impact of Bank Liquidity Shocks on the Real Economy: Evidence from Letter -of- Credit Import Transactions in Colombia”
    JaeBin Ahn (IMF)
  • “International Reserves and Rollover Risk”
    Javier Bianchi (U. of Wisconsin), Juan Carlos Hatchondo (Indiana U. and Richmond Fed), and Leonardo Martinez (IMF)

Natural Disasters and Economic Development

  • “An Exploration of the Link between Development, Economic Growth, and Natural Risk”
    Stéphane Hallegatte(World Bank)
  • “ Monsoon Babies: Rainfall Shocks and Child Nutrition in Nepal”
    Sailesh Tiwari, Hanan Jacoby, and Emmanuel Skoufias (World Bank)
  • “ Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Economic and Human Losses Following Environmental Disaster”
    Jesse K. Anttila-Hughes (University of San Francisco) and Solomon M. Hsiang (Princeton University and U.C. Berkeley)

Household Risk: How to Protect the Poor?

  • “Protection versus Promotion in China’s Dibao Program
    Martin Ravallion (Georgetown University) and Shaohua Chen (World Bank)
  • “Understanding and Information Failures: Lessons from a Health Microinsurance Program in India”
    Jean Philippe Platteau and Darwin Ugarte Ontiveros (University of Namur)
  • Seasonal Migration and Risk Aversion”
    Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics), Shyamal Chowdhury (University of Sydney), and A. Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University)

The Impact of Insurance on Agriculture Decisions

  • “The Added Value of Forecast Index Insurance: the Case of Moroccan Dryland Wheat Production”
    Yoko Kusunose (University of Kentucky)
  • “The Impact of Insurance Provision on Households’ Production and Financial Decisions”
    Jing Cai (University of Michigan)
  • “Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints”
    Dean Karlan (Yale University), Robert Osei (University of Ghana), Isaac Osei‐Akoto (University of Ghana), and Christopher Udry (Yale University)

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