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Global Development Finance 2001: Building Coalitions for Effective Development Finance

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GDF 2001

Global Development Finance 2001 concludes that international financial flows to developing countries are probably more valuable than traditionally thought—and the prospects for using them more effectively continue to improve. These resource transfers from rich countries to poor ones create investment opportunities, and influence development, by stimulating improvements in the policies and institutions for developing countries. They can thus reinforce those countries’ efforts to raise productivity and increase efficiency in the economy.

The report:

  • Predicts a quick rebound in the global economy in 2001 despite the cyclical slowdown of 2000; 
  • Finds that capital flows to developing countries grew smartly in 2000 following the steep declines of the crisis-laden late 1990s but still lagged behind output and trade since the crises;
  • Finds that aid flows and the pace of debt relief picked up in 2000, but need constant watching to sustain the gains to make the case for greater aid; and
  • Concludes that international financial institutions need to take a more flexible and pragmatic approach to coalition building to achieve the maximum dividends from international resource transfers intended for public goods.
This report was prepared by the World Bank Development Prospects Group (Volume I) and the Development Data Group (Volume II). Ashoka Mody was the principal author, assisted by William Shaw, with direction from Uri Dadush. The report was prepared under the general direction of Jo Ritzen and Nicholas Stern. Core team members and chapter authors include Hans Timmer, Himmat Kalsi, Shoko Negishi, Deepak Mishra, Antu Panini Murshid, Robert Keyfitz, Malvina Pollack, Marco Ferroni, and Artistomene Varoudakis. 
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