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Global Development Finance 2002: Financing the Poorest Countries

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Global Development Finance 2002 concludes that the integration of developing countries in the global economy increased sharply in the 1990s with improvements in these countries’ economic policies and the massive expansion of global trade and finance driven by technological innovations in communications, transport and data management, coupled with some lowering of barriers to trade and financial transactions. Specifically, the report:

  • Predicts a vigorous recovery in late 2002;
  • Finds that the growth slowdown reduced capital market flows, but not foreign direct investment;
  • Underlines the importance of policy performance for attracting and benefiting from capital flows, both private and official; and
  • Concludes that improved policies in both recipient and donor countries are helping to strengthen the effectiveness of aid flows
This report was prepared by the World Bank Economic Policy and Prospects Group. The principal author was William Shaw, with direction from Uri Dadush. The report was prepared under the general direction of former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Nicholas Stern. Core team members and chapter authors include Gholam Azarbayejani, Shweta Bagai, Maria Pia Iannarello, Himmat Kalsi, Eung Ju Kim, Aparna Mathur, Sanket Mohapatra, Shoko Negishi, Bilin Neyapti, Malvina Pollock, Dilip Ratha, Hans Timmer, and Jeff Ziarko. 
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