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About the report

The inaugural edition of GDH addresses the broad trend toward multipolarity in the global economy, particularly as it relates to structural changes in growth dynamics, corporate investment, and international monetary and financial arrangements. The world economy is in the midst of transformation change. One of the most visible outcomes of this transformation is the rise of a number of dynamic emerging market countries to the helm of the global economy.

By 2025, six emerging economies—Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, and Russia—will account for more than half of all global growth. Emerging markets are increasingly asserting themselves in the international arena. Emerging growth poles are reshaping the structure of the world economy. GDH 2011 explores how the fast rise of emerging economies is transforming the way that global business and the international monetary system operates, a shift that has important implications for the least developed economies. The new world order with a more diffuse distribution of economic power is emerging—the shift towards multipolarity.

Anticipating the shape of things to come, the first edition of GDH aims to map out the emerging policy agenda and challenges that an increasing mulipolar world economy poses for developing countries.

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