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Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2003


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Productivity increases and efficient investment are essential conditions for rapid growth and poverty reduction. Establishment of these conditions requires improvement of the investment climate—that is, the policy and institutional environment that fosters entrepreneurship and productive investment. Global Economic Prospects 2003: Investing to Unlock Global Opportunities analyzes both the global and the national dimensions of the investment climate for developing countries.


The report:


·  Explores the current state of the world economy and how it affects developing countries’ exports, access to capital, and growth prospects;

·  Examines recent changes in the organization of global business, notably the proliferation of multinational companies and associate production networks;

·  Argues that sound national policies, particularly to encourage competition, are needed for countries to reap the benefits of globalization;

·  Discusses ways that the international community might help developing countries establish competitive investment environments; and

·  Considers the potential for a new World Trade Organization agreement on investment and competition. 

The World Bank Development Prospects Group prepared this report. Richard Newfarmer was the lead author and manager of the report, under the direction of Uri Dadush.  The report was prepared under the general guidance of the former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Nicholas Stern.  Core team members and chapter authors included Jeffrey D. Lewis, Hans Timmer, Pierre Sauve, William Shaw, and Scott Wallsten.

General Press Release: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian  

Regional Press Releases: East Asia & Pacific (English), Europe & Central Asia (English), Latin America (English, Spanish, Portuguese), Middle East & North Africa (English, Arabic), and South Asia (English)  

Press Conference Transcript: Global (English) and Latin America/Caribbean briefing (English)

Powerpoint Presentation: English 


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