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Global Economic Prospects 2009

Commodities at the Crossroads

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December 9, 2008— The world financial crisis has dimmed short-term prospects for developing countries and the volume of world trade is likely to contract for the first time since 1982. The sharp slowdown has caused commodity prices to plummet, ending a historic five-year boom. More ..

Key Findings, Trends & Policy Advice
bullet Commodity Prices: The End of a Historic Boom More ...
Bullet High Commodity Prices: Impact on Poor People More ...
Bullet Food for Thought: Ensuring Future Supply More ...
Bullet Energy: Balancing Demand and Supply More ...
Bullet Coping with High Prices: What Works for Consumers More ..
Bullet Managing Booms: What Works for Producers More ..  
Interactive website - Prospects for the Global Economy

Global slump hits developing countries as credit squeeze impedes growth and trade...

Bullet Interactive website: Prospects for the Global Economy

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