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About the Report

Global Economic Prospects 2004: Realizing the Development Promise of the Doha Agenda

The fourteenth annual edition of Global Economic Prospects

  • explores the short-, medium-, and long-term outlook for the global economy, including driving forces, commodity prices, and capital flows, and their implications for major regions
  • reviews recent trends in exports from developing countries, trade barriers that work to the disadvantage of poor people, and policies to reduce protection and other inequities in the world trading system
  • examines trade in agriculture—the most important and politically contentious sector for global poverty reduction—including key lessons from development experience, possible changes to the current system of subsidies and protection, and the potential for liberalization in both rich and poor countries
  • investigates the temporary movement of labor—so-called Mode 4 of the General Agreement on Trade in Services—evaluating its advantages and disadvantages to both the home and the host countries
  • discusses trade facilitation in light of post-9/11 concerns for security to suggest new policies that would promote greater and more-secure trade
  • reviews the special treatment of developing countries in the world trading system and the role of trade preferences, exemptions from WTO rules, and technical assistance to implement WTO trade regulations.


Global Economic Prospects 2004 provides essential information for those concerned with developments shaping today’s global economy.

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