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Global Economic Prospects 2004

Realizing the Development Promise of the Doha Agenda

The Doha Development Agenda of the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the WTO opened many contentious and important questions. Global Economic Prospects 2004: Realizing the Development Promise of the Doha Agenda analyzes the most critical multilateral trade issues and suggests policy options that would raise living standards in developing countries and reduce global poverty.


Transcript & powerpoint presentation from Washington D.C. launch.


"The World Trade Organization (WTO) round of trade negotiations initiated in November 2001 in Doha, Qatar, was intended to be a “development round.” Those good intentions are now being tested. Trade ministers from all over the world are discussing ways to reduce trade barriers—barriers that greatly harm development and poverty reduction. Global Economic Prospects 2004 explores the tough issues under discussion—protection of agriculture, trade in labor-intensive manufactures, labor services, and special treatment for developing countries, among others—to present options that would indeed reduce poverty and advance development. The global talks will not be easy and may take time, but allowing poor people greater access to world markets will offer them new opportunities to improve their living standards. If agreements are to be genuinely pro-development, these discussions must be informed by clear analysis of measures that are likely to benefit poor people the most. That is the purpose of this Global Economic Prospects."

Nicholas Stern, Former Senior Vice President
and Chief Economist, The World Bank

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