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About Global Monitoring

When the Development Committee—the Ministerial-level body that advises the World Bank and the IMF on development issues—discussed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the Bank-Fund Annual Meetings in September 2002, it called for determined implementation by developing countries, developed countries, and multilateral agencies of the agreed strategies and partnerships for reaching the MDGs and related outcomes and requested a framework by which to monitor progress on the underlying policies and actions while recognizing the role of the UN in MDG monitoring.

In response, the World Bank and the IMF, in cooperation with partner agencies, developed a monitoring framework that was endorsed by the Committee when it next met, in April 2003, and would underpin future reporting to the Committee. The framework envisaged a comprehensive annual global monitoring report to the Committee, prepared by Bank and Fund staff in collaboration with the staff of partner agencies, supplemented by interim reports on selected issues.