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LSMS-ISA: Country Programs - Niger

Living Standards Measurement Study: Integrated Surveys on Agriculture: Country Programs - Niger

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The LSMS-ISA project is supporting the design and implementation of the Niger Enquête Nationale sur les Conditions de Vie des Ménages et l’Agriculture de 2011 (ECVM/A-2011), also known as the National Household Living Conditions and Agriculture Survey. The expanded focus consists of the development of an agriculture module for the household survey as well as ensuring that the information on agriculture and livestock will be mainstreamed into future surveys.


The ECVM/A is implemented by the Niger Institut National de la Statistique (INS). The LSMS team is responsible for the management and technical design of the project, as well as for the provision of technical assistance and the support of analytical work resulting from the collected data.

Sampling and Survey Design

The sample for the ECVM/A-2011 includes approximately 4,100 households in 270 Zones de Dénombrement (ZD). The sample is nationally representative, as well as representative of Niamey, Other Urban and Rural. Within the rural ZDs, the sample is also representative of three ecological zones - agricultural zones, agro-pastoral zones, and pastoral zones.

Questionnaire Design

The post-planting visit questionnaires for the ECVM/A-2011 include the following:

The post-harvest visit questionnaires for the ECVM/A-2011 include the following:

Field Work Implementation

The pilot test of the questionnaires and field procedures was implemented in January - March 2011. The training for the pilot test took place during four weeks, and the field work consisted of an additional four weeks of survey work. The pilot test was extensive because it also included an experiment on collection of consumption data.

The field work for the survey was conducted in two visits to the survey households. There were an additional four weeks of training for the main survey between June and July 2011. The first visit was made after the planting season (July - September 2011). Follow-up training for the second visit was held in October 2011. The second visit was made after the harvest season (November 2011 – January 2012). The field work was implemented by mobile teams with a dedicated data entry operator integrated into each team for concurrent data entry through an application developed in CSPro. Field teams consisted of one supervisor, three enumerators, and one data entry operator.

Data Documentation and Dissemination

All data generated will be made publicly available (fully cleaned and with complete documentation) within 12 months of completion of each wave of data collection. The ECVM/A data will be disseminated via the LSMS and INS web sites.

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