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The LGAF Framework

Land Governance Assessment Framework

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The Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) focuses on five key thematic areas that have been identified as major areas for policy intervention in the land sector. It is made up of a range of indicators that are then ranked as a performance measure relevant to a specific theme.

The LGAF methodology is based on the methodology adopted in developing the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA, assessment framework.

Legal and Institutional Framework
The extent to which the range of existing land rights is legally recognized, the level of enforcement and cost of enforcing or upgrading these rights, and whether the regulation and management of land involves institutions with clear mandates as well as policy processes that are transparent and equitable.
Land use planning, management and taxation
Whether land use restrictions are justified on the basis of the public interest while necessary exemptions are granted promptly and transparently, if the process for land use planning is efficient, and taxation on land and real estate transparently determined and efficiently collected.
Management of public land
The extent to which public land holdings are justified and transparently inventoried and managed, that expropriation procedures are applied in the public interest through clear, transparent and fair processes involving the compensation of all those who lose rights, and that the transfer of State land is transparent and monitored.
Public provision of land information
Whether land information systems provide sufficient, relevant, and up-to-date data, at a cost affordable to the general public, and if land administration services are accessible, affordable and sustainable.
Dispute resolution and conflict management
Whether there are affordable, clearly defined, transparent and unbiased mechanisms for the resolution of land disputes, and if these mechanisms effectively function in practice.

These thematic areas are examined by nine expert panels organized by subject.

Panel Topics
Panel 1Land Tenure Recognition
Panel 2Rights to Forest and Common Lands & Rural Land Use Regulations
Panel 3Urban Land Use, Planning, and Development
Panel 4Public Land Management
Panel 5Transfer of Public Land to Private Use Follows a Clear, Transparent, and Competitive Process
Panel 6Public Provision of Land Information: Registry and Cadastre
Panel 7Land Valuation and Taxation
Panel 8Dispute Resolution
Panel 9Review of Institutional Arrangements and Policies

Land governance indicators are broken down into a number of "dimensions" with pre-coded statements (on a scale from A to D). The panels will rank these dimenstions by selecting an appropriate answer among the list of pre-coded answers. The panel deliberations are based on preparatory data gathering and analysis by an “expert investigator”.

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