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Status: Technical Validation Workshop and Policy Dialogue Completed

The Philippines’ LGAF began in December 2012 with the engagement of Land Equity Technology Services, (LETS) Inc., and designation of the Country Coordinator.

In June 2013, the draft report, scorecard, main findings and recommendations were presented in a multistakeholder workshop which validated the scores. The Policy Matrix was developed as a result, and presented to key government officials during the Policy Dialogue.

The government agreed to establish an informal working group to further consider the policy recommendations. Presentations were also made with the Secretaries of the Departments of Environment and Natural Resources and the Agrarian Reform and National Economic and Development Authority. High level discussions with the Cabinet, NGO groups and other sectors are being planned to strengthen engagement and to address the key findings.

Emerging follow up actions include a Mindanao LGAF, an urban Metro manila LGAF, as well as a more detailed investigation on large scale land acquisition issues.

Country Coordinator: Floradema Eleazar (

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