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Core Team

This World Bank policy research report was managed by Ariel Fiszbein and Norbert Schady. Contributing members of the report were Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Margaret Grosh, Niall Keleher, Pedro Olinto, and Emmanuel Skoufias. Substantial contributions were provided by Maria Victoria Fazio, Deon Filmer, Emanuela Galasso, Margaret Koziol, Philippe Leite, Mette Nielson, and Christine Weigand.

The report benefited from comments from an advisory committee, which included Harold Alderman (World Bank), Orazio Attanasio (University College, London), Jere Behrman (University of Pennsylvania), Timothy Besley (London School of Economics), Santiago Levy (Inter-American Development Bank), Christina Paxson (Princeton University), and Laura Rawlings (World Bank).

Francois Bourguignon, while chief economist of the World Bank, provided strong encouragement and intellectual support to the report. The report was written under the direction and general supervision of Elizabeth King (research manager) and Martin Ravallion (director, Development Research Group).

Further acknowledgements are available in the full text of the report.



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