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These Excel files contain the data on which the graphs and figures in this report are based.  There are separate Excel files for each chapter of the report listed below:

PART I    Why Use Agriculture for Development?

Chapter 1 Growth and poverty in agriculture's three worlds (562KB)                

Chapter 2 Agriculture's performance, diversity, and uncertainties (366 KB)

Chapter 3 Rural households and pathways out of poverty (201 KB)

PART II    What to Do In using Agriculture for Development?

Chapter 4 Removing costly trade, price, and subsidy policies(67 KB)

Chapter 5 Bringing agriculture to the market (127 KB)

Chapter 6 Supporting smallholder competitiveness through institutional innovations (34 KB)

Chapter 7 Innovating through science and technology(32 KB)

Chapter 8 Making agricultural systems more environmentally sustainable(47 KB)

Chapter 9 Using labor markets as pathways out of rural poverty (373 KB)

PART III  How to Implement Agriculture for Development Agendas?

Chapter 10 Emerging national agendas for agriculture's three worlds>(51 KB)

Chapter 11 Strengthening governance, from local to global(19 KB)

Focus Sections

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