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WDR 2010: Maps and Figures

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World Development Report 2010

The complete set of maps and figures in each chapter is now available for download in PowerPoint format (.pptx)

Please see the bibliographies of the respective chapters for the complete information on sources the WDR team used in creating these materials. If you wish to use these images, please reference them properly, e.g. "reproduced from World Bank, World Development Report 2010." Full details on obtaining permission to formally publish any of the images is found within these files.

Maps & figures

Overview: Changing the climate for development (13 slides)

1. Understanding the links between climate change and development (12 slides)

Focus A: the science of climate change (11 slides)

Part I

2. Reducing human vulnerability: helping people help themselves (11 slides)

Focus B: Biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing climate (2 slides)

3. Managing land and water to feed nine billion people and protect natural systems (23 slides)

4. Energizing development without compromising the climate (19 slides)

Part II

5. (No graphics)

Focus C: Trade and climate change (2 slides)

6. Generating the funding needed for mitigation and adaptation (4 slides)

7. Accelerating innovation and technology diffusion (12 slides)

8. Overcoming behavioral and institutional inertia (8 slides)

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