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WDR 2010: Alexander Lotsch

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World Development Report 2010

ALEXANDER LOTSCH is a climate and geo-information scientist at the World Bank, where he has worked in the Development Research Group and the Agriculture and Rural Development Department. His work at the World Bank focuses on climate risk management, modeling, financing, and natural resource management, and most recently on weather-based insurance and catastrophe contingency planning. He also provides analytical support to operations using spatial analysis, geographic information systems and remote sensing. Dr. Lotsch has researched and published on terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, remote sensing-based land cover mapping, atmosphere-biosphere interactions, and geo-statistical computing. Prior to joining the World Bank, Dr. Lotsch was a researcher at Boston University and NASA, and a consultant at Environmental Systems Research Institute. He holds a PhD in Geo-Information Science from Boston University, and undergraduate degrees in Physical Geography and Agricultural Sciences from the Free University and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Lotsch is also an adjunct faculty member at George Mason University, Virginia.

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