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WDR 2009: Background Papers

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World Development Report 2009

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Alva, M., and A. Behar. "Factors that contribute to (or detract from) successful outcomes in African Regional Agreements."

Behar, Alberto. "Neighbourhood growth effects: an annual panel data approach."

Brülhart, Marius. "An Account of Global Intra-Industry Trade, 1962-2006."

Calì, Massimiliano. "Urbanisation, inequality and economic growth: Evidence from Indian states."

Clemens, Michael, C. Montenegro, and L. Pritchett. "The Place Premium: Wage Differences for Identical Workers accross US Borders."

Coulibaly, Souleymane. "On the Complementarity of Regional and Global Trade."

Crafts, Nicholas. "European Growth in the Age of Regional Economic Integration: Convergence Big Time?"

Hewings, Geoffrey J.D., Edward Feser, and Ken Poole. "Spatial/Territorial Development Policies in the United States."

Hirotsugu, Uchida and Andrew Nelson. "Agglomeration Index: Towards a New Measure of Urban Concentration."

Kilroy, Austin. "Intra-urban spatial inequalities: cities as ‘urban regions.’"

Kilroy Austin. "The role of cities in post-war economic recovery."

Kroehnert, S. and S. Vollmer. "Where Have All The Young Women Gone?: Gender-Specific Migration from East to West Germany."

Lall, Somik, Christopher Timmins, and Shouyue Yu. "Moving to Opportunity: Successful Integration or Bright Lights?" (Presentation)

Manners, P. and A. Behar. "Trade in sub-Saharan Africa and opportunities for Low Income Countries."

Mayer, Thierry. "Market Potential and Development: A background paper for the World Development Report."

Montenegro, Claudio E., and Maximilian L. Hirn. "A New Disaggregated Set of Labor Market Indicators using Standardized Household Surverys from Around the World."

Nelson, B. and A. Behar. "Natural Resources, Growth and Spatially-Based Development: A View of The Literature."

Satterthwhaite, David. "Expanding the supply and reducing the cost of land for housing in urban areas in low- and middle-income nations."

te Velde, Dirk William. "Regional integration, growth and concentration."

Treyvish, Andrey. "The Downfall of the Soviet Union: A Spatial Explanation."

Vollmer, Sebastian, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D. and Nils-Hendrik Klann. "EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements – Empirical Evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa."

"Intra-Urban Graphs."

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