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WDR 2009: Marisela Montoliu

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World Development Report 2009

Marisela Montoliu, a Venezuelan national, is currently the Head of the Spatial and Local Development Team in the Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank, where she leads work on spatial analysis of growth and poverty reduction and on the enabling environment and tools for this type of analysis. Her career at the World Bank spans twenty years, including assignments in the corporate area (Assistant to the Bank’s President, 1997-98, and Special Adviser to the Managing Director for Operations, 2002-05), in client countries (first Country Manager for the Dominican Republic, 1998-99), in the Bank’s Regional Programs (Africa, Middle East and North Africa and Latin America), and in the Bank’s Thematic Networks (where she contributed to the launching work for the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers in 1999, to the Bank’s assessment of its sector strategy programs in 2000-01, and to the rethinking of the Bank's Global Programs for Infrastructure in 2006). She holds a Ph.D. in Regional Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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