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WDR 2009: Consultations

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World Development Report 2009

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The World Development Report is one of the important vehicles the Bank has for engaging in dialogue with the global development community. Each year, the chosen topic provides a lens through which to view and discuss different aspects of the development process. The report discusses the chosen issue from a global perspective, invariably leading to much debate and discussion on some of the leading issues of the day.

While the Bank's experience is drawn upon, the report is not intended to focus on the Bank and its specific operations. The focus on issues rather than the specifics of Bank operations is important since there are many other internal and external vehicles for evaluating the Bank's performance in specific projects.

A range of different forms and types of consultations bring to the WDR process alternative perspectives on the topic under consideration, which will benefit the report. These include both information gathering on operational experiences and comments on the various stages of the WDR draft document.

The WDR team will consult with a variety of relevant stakeholders and experts during the preparation of the report, including those inside and outside the Bank.

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