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WDR 2009: Maria Emilia Freire

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World Development Report 2009

Maria Freire has held a variety of positions as economist and manager in the policy and operational units in the Bank. Since Summer 2005, she is the Senior Adviser for Urban Development in the Sustainable Development Network. She has been particularly involved in the development of the analytical and lending agenda on urban economics, city competitivenss, and housing reform; having led major analytical pieces and projects in Brazil and Mexico. Prior to this current position, Mila was Regional Advisor and Sector Manager of the Urban cluster in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Director of the Urban and City Management Program in WBI, Regional Coordinator for Latin America, and several other assignments within and outside the Bank, including Managing Director of CGD (the largest bank in Portugal). She has published extensively in the fields of public financing, decentralization, urban management and local development. Some of the books she has recently edited include “The Role of Land Markets and Policy in Poverty Alleviation”, 2007; “Enhancing Urban Management in East Asia” 2004, with Belinda Yuen, “Access to Subnational Credit in Developing Countries” (2004).with J. Petersen; “Connecting Cities with Macroeconomic Concerns, the Missing Link“ (2003), with M. Polese; The Challenge of City Government” (2001) with Richard Stren. Mila holds a Ph.D in Economics from University of California Berkeley. She is currently teaching Urban Economics and Policy at Johns Hopkins University.

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