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WDR 2005: Background Papers

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World Development Report 2005

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Background Papers
Case studies commissioned by the UK's Department for International Development

Background Papers

downloadPDF  A Survey of Government Regulation and Intervention in Financial Markets January 2005

downloadPDF  Impact of Government Regulation on Microfinance January 2005

downloadPDF  Microeconomic Evidence of Creative Destruction in Industrial and Developing Countries October 2004

downloadPDF  How Labor Market Policy Can Combine Workers’ Protection and Job Creation October 2004

downloadPDF  Do Employers' Perceptions Square with Actual Labor Regulations? October 2004

downloadPDF  The Debate on Industrial Policy in East-Asia: In Search for Lessons September 24, 2004

downloadPDF  How Do Investment Climate Conditions Vary Across Countries, Regions and Types of Firms? September, 2004

downloadPDF  Tanzania's Commercial Court August 12, 2004

downloadPDF Donor Assistance for Investment Climate Reforms and for Direct Support to Firms: An Overveiw of Available Data July 31, 2004

downloadPDF Customs Valuation Reform in the Philippines. July 16, 2004

downloadPDF Business Registration Reforms in Pakistan. April 23, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Investment Climate Reform: Case Study of Uganda Telecommunications April 16, 2004

downloadPDF  Policy Reform on Investment Climate—Case analysis of Hangzhou March 29, 2004

downloadPDF  How to Overhaul the Labor Market: Political Economy of Recent Czech and Slovak Reforms March 25, 2004

downloadPDF  The Political Economy of Labor Reform in Colombia March 16, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Investment Climate Reforms: Colombian Ports Sector Reform Case Study February 26, 2004.

downloadPDF  The Mexican Credit Reporting Industry Reform: A Case Study February 23, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Labor Market Reforms: Case Study of Poland February 20, 2004

downloadPDF  Mexican Deregulation: Smart Tape on Red Tape February 19, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Port Reforms in India: Case Study of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) Mumbai. February 15, 2004

downloadPDF  Thailand's 20 Year Program to Title Rural Land February 13, 2004

downloadPDF  Tradenet in Ghana: Best Practice in the Use of Information Technology  January 28, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Investment Climate Reforms: Vietnam Case Study January 17, 2004

downloadPDF  Managing Investment Climate Reforms: The Peru Urban Land Reform Case Study January 2, 2004

downloadPDF  Inspectorate Reform in Latvia, 1999-2003  December 23, 2003

downloadPDF  The Political Economy of Reform: Institutional Change as a Tool for Political Credibility December 4, 2003

downloadPDF  The Investment Climate for the Informal Economy: A Case of Durban, South Africa September 15, 2003

downloadPDF  The Investment Climate for Female Informal Businesses: A Case Study from Urban and Rural India September 4, 2003

downloadPDF  Street Vending in African Cities: A Synthesis of Empirical Findings From Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire August 16, 2003

Case Studies Commissioned by the UK's Department for International Development

downloadPDF  The Importance of the Enabling Environment for Business and Economic Growth November 2003

downloadPDF  Donor Experiences in Supporting Reforms to the Investment Climate for Small Enterprise Development November 2003

downloadPDF    Less is More Better Compliance and Increased Revenues by Streamlining Business Registration in Uganda November 2003

downloadPDF  Improving the Business Trade Licensing Reform Environment  November 2003

downloadPDF  The Investment Climate in South Africa – Regulatory Issues: Some insights from the high-growth, export-oriented SME sector November 2003

downloadPDF  Investment for Development Project (IFD) – Civil Society Perceptions November 2003

downloadPDF  Investment Climate Reform in South Africa  November 2003

downloadPDF  Lessons for Development from London Business School’s Centre for New and Emerging Markets (CNEM) Research Project “Investment in Emerging Markets November 2003

downloadPDF  Some Lessons from the CUTS 7-Up Comparative Competitive Policy Project November 2003

downloadPDF  Investment Climate Reform Competition Policy and Economic Development: Some Country Experiences November 2003

downloadPDF  Competition Law and the Investment Climate in Developing Countries  November 2003

downloadPDF  Lessons from CBC Business Environment Surveys 1999, 2001, 2003 November 2003

downloadPDF  Creating FDI Friendly Environments in South Asia  November 2003

downloadPDF  Migrant Remittances and the Investment Climate: Exploring the Nexus January 2004

downloadPDF  Investment Climate Reform in Ukraine  November 2003

downloadPDF  OECD (UK & EU) Home Country Measures and FDI in Developing Countries: A Preliminary Analysis November 2003

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