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WDR 2005: Archived Consultations

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World Development Report 2005

World Development Report 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone: Information Gathering and Consultations

The World Development Report (WDR) team wants to hear from you!

The 2005 WDR focuses on improving the investment climate and places particular emphasis on the role of government policies, institutions and behaviors in shaping incentives for firms to engage in productive economic activity, and thus to contribute to growth and poverty reduction. The WDR will consider the investment climate from the perspective of a broad range of firms, including local firms and micro-enterprises.

A draft of the report is now posted, and the WDR team welcomes comments on this draft up to June 15, 2004. Please email comments to, or visit the WDR online consultation website. For more information see below.

The Bank's annual series of World Development Reports take stock of the current state of global knowledge on a key development issue. The main audience for the reports is the global development community. This includes government policymakers, representatives of civil society organizations, business leaders in developing and developed countries and donors.

World Development Reports draw on the Bank's experience, but do not focus on the Bank or its specific operations. Rather, they seek to take a broad perspective on the particular topic, drawing on a wide range of research and experience. WDRs can thus contribute to the Bank's dialogue with the broader international development community and stakeholders.

The published reports often lead to debate and discussion on pressing development issues. The focus on issues other than the specifics of Bank operations is important, as other vehicles exist for evaluating the Bank's performance on specific projects. WDRs seek to contribute to critical analysis and public discussion of development issues.

Wide information gathering and thoughtful, well-structured dialogues with a wide range of stakeholders are central to creation of the report. Ultimately, the WDR team is responsible for deciding how to synthesize the many and possibly conflicting viewpoints that are expressed during the consultation process. WDRs are staff reports and not policy documents of the Bank's Executive Board.

Scope of the 2005 WDR on Investment Climate
As outlined above, the 2005 WDR focuses on improving the investment climate, which is one of the two pillars of the Bank's overall development strategy. The other pillar of that strategy—investing in and empowering people—is the subject of the 2004 WDR.

Research methodology and style
World Development Reports draw on material from inside and outside the Bank. Some new research is commissioned through background papers, and then synthesized with existing material into themes and sub-themes that are highlighted in the report. The background papers and bibliography are listed at the end of each WDR.

Information Gathering and Consultation Schedule

The WDR team welcomes inputs from a broad range of sources. These consultation process is taking place in two overlapping phases.

Phase I: Information gathering - September-November 2003
During this phase, the report team solicited case studies, research, comments and other inputs from a range of stakeholders and experts.

Phase II: Feedback on outline and drafts - November 2003-June 2004
Up to mid-May 2004, the team received comments on a draft outline of the report, both online, in written submissions, and in a series of face-to-face and videoconference meetings with interested groups. From mid-May to mid-June 2004, the team welcomed comments on the full draft of the report including through an online consultation website.

The final report will be published in September 2004.

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