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WDR 2005: Full Text

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World Development Report 2005

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the Overview

(362 KB)

(790 KB)

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downloadPDF Complete Report, Table of Contents & Foreword, and Overview

downloadComplete report (a 3 MB PDF file)
downloadTable of Contents & Foreword (a 120 KB PDF file)
downloadOverview (a 175 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Part 1: Improving the Investment Climate

downloadChapter 1: The Investment Climate, Growth, and Poverty (a 270 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 2: Confronting the Underlying Challenges (a 274 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 3: Tackling a Broad Agenda (a 220 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Part 2: Delivering the Basics

downloadChapter 4: Stability and Security (a 196 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 5: Regulation and Taxation (a 219 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 6: Finance and Infrastructure (an 858 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 7: Workers and Labor Markets (a 227 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Part 3: Going Beyond the Basics?

downloadChapter 8: Selective Interventions (a 192 KB PDF file)
downloadChapter 9: International Rules and Standards (a 137 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Part 4: How the International Community Can Help

downloadChapter 10: How the International Community Can Help (a 121 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Bibiography, Endnotes, and References

downloadBibliography (a 28 KB PDF file)
downloadEndnotes (a 104 KB PDF file)
downloadReferences  (a 370 KB PDF file)

downloadPDF Selected Indicators

downloadMeasuring the Investment Climate & Selected World Development Indicators  (a 268 KB PDF file)



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