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WDR 2004: Consultations

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World Development Report 2004

Consultation Materials
WDR 2004 Process Note on Consultations

During the preparation of the WDR 2004, the team invited comments and suggestions from wide range of stakeholders about content and main ideas of the report. Feedback was sought from organizations and individuals in two phases and through a variety of channels. The first phase focused on information gathering and comments on the draft outline. The second phase involved consultations on the draft report. Many of these consultations are listed below.

2003 Consultations
2002 Consultations

2003 Consultations

April 10
 This meeting was co-hosted by InterAction and the World Bank to discuss progress on the WDR 2004. The session brought together approximately 25 international civil society participants and staff from the World Bank. Presentations were made by Stephen Commins and Shanta Devarajan of the World Bank, Shannon Ward of the American Red Cross, and Gilberto Mendez of Christian Children’s Fund. The session was chaired by Elena McCollim, of InterAction. Summary of the Consultation

March 13 The World Bank held a consultation with CSOs in Brussels on March 13, 2003 as part of the global consultations on the WDR 2004. The consultation began with a presentation of the WDR outline by Stephen Commins from the WB’s WDR team, followed by a round of questions from participants. Summary of the Consultation

February 17-19 Videoconference discussions with Civil Society Representatives. The World Bank held three video-conferences on February 17, 18, and 19, 2003 as part of the consultation efforts for the WDR 2004. Representatives from civil society, government, private-sector, and donor agencies from fourteen countries participated in the 3-hour sessions. Summary of the Discussions

January 29 WDR 2004 Consultation Workshop, Kampala, Uganda. A workshop with approximately 35 participants met for a full day of discussion on the WDR 2004. This was an opportunity for the WDR team to interact with a range of stakeholders in Uganda, notably officials from central and local government, researchers, and representatives of nongovernmental organizations, donors, and the private sector. One participant represented labor unions from Kenya. Summary of the Discussions

January 22 WDR 2004 Consultation Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Members of the WDR team conducted a day-long consultation with a group of Bangladeshi policymakers, NGO leaders, academics and donor officials. One academic commentator was concerned that donors might grab onto our "12 sizes fit all" framework and start prescribing solutions, rather than allow for domestic learning and experimentation. Summary of the Discussions

2002 Consultations

July 8-10 Berlin Workshop: Jointly sponsored by the German Development Foundation (DSE) and the World Bank, this fifth annual WDR launch workshop included a detailed discussion of a preliminary outline with academics, practitioners, policymakers from developing and high-income countries. Berlin Workshop Materials

Sept. 26 Washington DC, InterAction: Meeting with representatives of U.S. NGOs and partner NGOs from developing countries. InterAction Consultation Materials

Oct. 2-3
 Geneva, WHO WHO Consultation Materials

Oct. 10 - Nov. 10 Global on-line consultation: Soliciting specific feedback on the draft outline.

Oct. 23 Washington, DC, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
ICFTU Consultation Materials

Nov. 4 - 5 Department for International Development (DFID), UK: Consultations with researchers and government officials from developing and high-income countries. DFID Consultation Materials

Nov. 6 UK, BOND: (British NGO Consortium) BOND Consultation Materials

Nov. 7 Save the Children, UK Save the Children Consultation Materials

Nov. 8 Transportation Resource Center Transportation Resource Center Consultation Materials

Dec. 10 WHO, Health and Rights WHO Consultation Materials

Dec. 12 Brussels: ICFTU and Education International (federation of teachers' unions)

December NGO Submissions


Jan. 22-23 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jan. 29 Kampala, Uganda
Jan. 29-31 Toyko, Japan

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