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WDR 2008: Graphs and Figures

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World Development Report 2008

The complete data underlying all graphs in the report is also available in Excel format.

 Overview figure 1 small
The number of poor rose in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa from 1993 to 2002 ($1-a-day poverty line)

 Overview Figure 4 small
Public spending on agriculture is lowest in the agriculture-based countries, while their share ofagriculture in GDP is highest

Overview figure 5 small
Developing countries are taxing agricultural exportables less

 Overview figure 9 small
The four policy objectives of the agriculture-for-development agenda form a policy diamond

 Figure 1.3 Large
Agriculture-based, transforming, and urbanized countries constitute agriculture’s three worlds

 Overview Figure 3
GDP growth originating in agriculture benefits the poorest half of the population substantially more

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