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WDR 2008: Background Papers

World Development Report Archives

World Development Report 2008

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Alderman, Harold. “Managing Risk to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Poverty.”
Ali, Mubarik . “Horticulture Revolution for the Poor:Nature, Challenges and Opportunities.”
Anderson, Jock R. “Agricultural Advisory Services.”
Anríquez, Gustavo, and Genny Bonomi. “Long-Term Farming and Rural Demographic Trends.”
Berdegué, Julio, Alexander Schejtman, Manuel Chiriboga, Felix Modrego, Romain Charnay, and Jorge Ortega. “Towards National and Global Agendas for Agriculture for Development: Latin America and the Caribbean.”
Bezemer, Dirk, and Peter Hazell. “The Agricultural Exit Problem; An Empirical Assessment.”
Buys, Piet, Céline Ferré, Peter Lanjouw, and Timothy Thomas. “Rural Poverty and Geography: Towards Some Stylized Facts in the Developing World.”
Chiriboga, Manuel, Romain Charnay, and Carol Chehab. “Women in Agriculture: Some Results of Household Surveys Data Analysis.”
Damiani, Octavio. “Rural Development from a Territorial Perspective: Case Studies in Asia and Latin America.”
Davis, Benjamin, Paul Winters, Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Esteban Quinones, Alberto Zezza, Kostas Stamoulis, Genny Bonomi, and Stefania DiGiuseppe. “Rural Income Generating Activities: A Cross Country Comparison.”
Deshingkar, Priya, and John Farrington. “Rural Labour Markets and Migration in South Asia: Evidence from India and Bangladesh.”
Dorward, Andrew, Jonathan Kydd, and Colin Poulton. “Traditional Domestic Markets and Marketing Systems for Agricultural Products.”
Escobar, German, Carlos Mladinic, Ramiro Sanhueza and Octavio Diaz. “Rural Territorial Development: The Milk Territory in Southern Chile.”
Farnworth, Cathy, and Michael Goodman. “Growing Ethical Networks: The Fair Trade Market for Raw and Processed Agricultural Products (in Five Parts), with Associated Studies on Africa and Latin America.”
Hazell, Peter, Colin Poulton, Steve Wiggins, and Andrew Dorward. “The Future of Small Farms: Synthesis Paper.”
Henson, Spencer. “New Markets and Their Supporting Institutions: Opportunities and Constraints for Demand Growth.”
Just, David R. “A Review of Behavioral Risk Research with Special Application to Developing Countries.”
Karp, Larry. “Income Distribution and the Allocation of Public Agricultural Investment in Developing Countries.”
Karp, Larry. "Managing Migration from the Traditional to Modern Sector in Developing Countries.”
Lastarria-Cornhiel, Susana. “Feminization of Agriculture: Trends and Driving Forces.”
Ligon, Ethan, and Elisabeth Sadoulet. “Estimating the Effects of Aggregate Agricultural Growth on the Distribution of Expenditures.”
Lopez-Calva, Luis Felipe. “Migration in Rural Mexico: From Tlapanalan to Manhatitlan.”
Martínez Nogueira, Roberto. “New Roles of the Public Sector for an Agriculture for Development Agenda.”
Modrego, Félix, Romain Charnay, Esteban Jara, Hugo Contrers, and Cristian Rodriguez. “Small Farmers in Developing Countries: Some Results of Household Surveys Data Analysis.”
Otsuka, Keijiro, and Takashi Yamano. “The Role of Rural Labor Markets in Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Asia and East Africa.”
Pardey, Philip G., Julian Alston, Jenni James, Paul Glewwe, Eran Binenbaum, Terry Hurley, and Stanley Wood. “Science, Technology and Skills.”
Pehu, Eija, and Catherine R. Ragasa. “Agricultural Biotechnology.”
Pomareda, Carlos. “Contract Agriculture: Lessons from Experiences in Costa Rica.”
Pingali, P., Sumiter Broca, and Mette Wik. “Global Agricultural Performance: Past Trends and Future Prospects.”
Poulton, Colin. “Bulk Export Commodities: Trends and Challenges.”
Pretty, Jules. “Agroecological Approaches to Agricultural Development.”
Quan, Julian, Junior Davis, and Felicity Proctor. “Rural Development from a Territorial Perspective: Lessons and Potential in Sub-Saharan Africa.”
Ravallion, Martin, Shaohua Chen, and Prem Sangraula. “New Evidence on the Urbanization of Global Poverty.”
Reardon, Thomas, and Julio Berdegué. “The Retail-Led Transformation of Agrifood Systems and its Implications for Development Policies.”
Sautier, Denis, Hester Vermeulen, Michel Fok, and Estelle Biénabe. “Case Studies of Agri-Processing and Contract Agriculture in Africa.”
Schejtman, Alexander, Julio Berdegué, and Félix Modrego. “Income Diversification through Agricultural Development.”

Sebastian, Kate. “GIS/Spatial Analysis Contribution to 2008 WDR: Technical Notes on Data & Methodologies.”
- Datasets: 3x3xcty Pop.xls, Area.xls, Area by Country.xls, Market Access.xls, Population.xls, Value of production.xls

Staatz, John, and Niama Nango Dembele. “Agriculture for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.”
Valdés, Alberto, and William Foster. “Making the Labor Market a Way out of Rural Poverty. Rural and Agricultural Labor Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.”
Walker, Thomas. “Participatory Varietal Selection, Participatory Plant Breeding, and Varietal Change.”
Wilkinson, John, and Rudi Rocha. “Agri-Processing and Developing Countries.”
Zezza, Alberto, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis, Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Esteban Quinones, Kostas Stamoulis, Panayotis Karfakis, Luca Tasciotti, Stefania DiGiuseppe, and Genny Bonomi. “Rural Household Access to Assets and Agrarian Institutions: A Cross Country Comparison.”
Zhang, Linxiu, Scott Rozelle, Chengfang Liu, Susan Olivia, Alan de Brauw, and Qiang Li. “Feminization of Agriculture in China: Debunking the Myth and Measuring the Consequence of Women Participation in Agriculture.”

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