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WDR 2008: Full Text

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World Development Report 2008

Published October 19, 2007

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Complete Report, Executive Summary & Overview
Complete report as one file
Table of Contents, Foreword, Acknowledgements & Abbreviations
Part I: What can Agriculture do for Development?

Chapter 1: Growth and Poverty Reduction in Agriculture

Focus A: Declining rural poverty has been a key factor in aggregate poverty reduction 
Chapter 2: Agriculture's performance, diversity, and uncertainities
Focus B: Biofuels: the promise and the risks
Chapter 3: Rural households and their pathways out of poverty
Focus C: What are the links between agricultural production and food security? 
Part II: What are effective instruments for using agriculture for development?
Chapter 4: Reforming trade, price, and subsidy policies
Chapter 5: Bringing agriculture to the market
Focus D: Agribusiness for development 
Chapter 6: Supporting smallholder competitiveness through institutional innovations

Chapter 7: Innovating through science and technology

Focus E: Capturing the benefits for genetically modified organisms for the poor 
Chapter 8: Making agricultural systems more environmentally sustainable
Focus F: Adaptation to and mitigation of climate change in agriculture 
Chapter 9: Moving beyond the farm

Focus G: Education and skills for rural development

Focus H: The two-way links between agriculture and health

Part III: How can agriculture-for-development agendas best be implemented?
Chapter 10: Emerging national agendas for agriculture
Chapter 11: Strengthening governance, from local to global
Bibliographical Note
Selected Indicators

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