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Working at the Bank

What Will You Do Tomorrow?

Scope, scale, and diversity make being appointed to the World Bank Group a uniquely enriching experience.

Global networks of the leading experts in every field identify women and men whose experience, knowledge, and talents contribute to improving the quality of life in developing countries.

Bank staff (see staff profiles) work with governments in developing countries around the world, assisting people in all areas of development, from policy and strategic advice to the identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision of development projects.

The Bank is always actively involved in financial sector restructuring and regulatory work, continuing to help nations move towards market-based economies through financial sector restructuring, infrastructure development, privatization and regulation.

Special efforts are being made to expand activities in the field of education, such as early childhood development and girls' education. The Bank is deeply committed to anti-corruption initiatives for a better global society.

The World Bank is committed to diversity. We strive to hire the best women and men from all over the world, and make arrangements in the workplace where reasonable to meet the needs of persons with disabilities. Staff are diverse in many respects, including gender, nationality, race, culture, education and experience and fully represent our over 180 member countries.