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Diversity & Inclusion at the World Bank Group

The World Bank Group aims to be "an excellent institution able to attract, excite, and nurture diverse and committed staff with exceptional skills who know how to listen and learn".

Our mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results. Our challenge is to create excellent teams who work with clients to address the complex challenges of poverty alleviation.

Diversity & Inclusion are at the heart of how we define excellence. Our staff is our greatest asset--women and men from over 140 countries, drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Our diversity is our comparative advantage as a global knowledge and development organization.

We do not just recognize our diversity; through inclusion, we mobilize it. We are working to create an inclusive and respectful work environment where we demonstrate that we fully value the contributions of all staff by:

  • Search worldwide for the best talent.
  • Enable staff to contribute to their full potential, through programs such as mentoring and coaching for targeted groups.
  • Foster an environment where differences are respected and valued, for example through training on Working with Respect and Living Our Values.

Diversity & Inclusion are key to our success as a global development organization