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Professional and Technical Staff: Overview

The Bank looks for experts with higher academic achievements and/or technical professional credentials including Masters or PhD programs. A successful record of demonstrated performance and results (generally a minimum of five years of relevant experience). A broad understanding of development issues (global and/or regional knowledge of development country issues) and international work experience preferably at the policy level. Work experience in the private sector is also valued and is viewed as a way of renewing and updating the Bank's skills base and improving diversity.

Candidates must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills for working in an international and team-based environment. In addition to proficiency in English, language skills in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish are often required.

For mid-career professionals, the Bank offers a variety of employment contracts, either open-ended or term, based on the business needs of specific units. Searches are undertaken internationally for jobs that require global outlook and experience and for which staff are expected to be globally mobile. Managers also hire locally when their work programs warrant it.

Sample Skills Requirements:

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