Working at the World Bank

Programs & Internships

The Bank offers a number of unique programs that provide learning, staffing and capacity building opportunities for junior and mid-career professionals to experience first-hand what working at the Bank is like.

Learning Programs

  • Internships

    Providing graduate students practical experience in global development. Read More »

  • Junior Professional Associates
    Junior Professional Associates

    A unique opportunity to gain entry-level professional experience, gaining first-hand exposure to the challenges – and rewards – of international development and poverty reduction. Read More »

Development & Capacity Building Programs

  • Young Professional Programs
    Young Professional Programs

    An exceptional opportunity for young people who have a passion for international development and who possess the potential for future global leadership. Read More »

  • Junior Professional Programs for Afro-Descendants
    Junior Professional Programs for Afro-Descendants

    Provides young and motivated individuals of Afro-descent, i.e., black of sub-Saharan African nationality or race, and/or US citizens from minority groups, who possess outstanding potential with a unique career opportunity to gain experience in a global development environment. Read More »

  • MIGA Professional Programs
    MIGA Professional Programs

    Opportunities for new and diverse talent to work in the Multi-lateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) at entry-level professional positions for two years. Read More »

  • Legal Associates
    Legal Associates

    Opportunities for talented young legal professionals to gain exposure to the various areas of the World Bank's legal practice and to develop country expertise and skills. Read More »

Partnership Programs

  • Donor Funded Staffing Program
    Donor Funded Staffing Program

    A donor funded program for junior and mid-career professionals, of different nationalities, to gain valuable insights, exposure and experience from the Bank’s internal perspective. Read More »

  • Global Secondment Program
    Global Secondment Program

    Provides opportunities for partner organizations and the World Bank to stimulate knowledge sharing, strategic alliances, and capacity building. Read More »

  • Saudi Recruitment Program
    Saudi Recruitment Program

    Targeting Saudi nationals, allows participants to gain valuable insights, exposure and experience from the Bank’s internal perspective. Read More »

  • Voice Secondment Program
    Voice Secondment Program

    Program for government officials to take part in a unique capacity-building and knowledge-sharing exchange between the Bank and our 180+ member countries. Read More »

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