Managerial Opportunities

Grade Levels

The Bank uses 10 grade levels as a way to structure its workforce. Letters are used to signify the various grades which reflect increasing levels of responsibility, skills and requirements.

The graphic depicts the Bank’s career tracks which are made up of Administrative, Technical and Managerial streams. This graphic can help you decide which staff category and level is appropriate for your qualifications.

The World Bank Grade Level Chart

Administrative Jobs: (GA - GD)

Jobs that provide functions that support Bank operations. Typical jobs in the Administrative Stream may include Office Assistant, Office Manager, Executive Assistant, etc.

Professional & Technical Jobs: (GA - GJ)

Jobs with the emphasis on technical expertise and knowledge, advanced academic achievements and/or technical professional credentials such as Masters or PhD with generally a minimum of five years of relevant experience. Typical jobs found in this stream are: Investment Officer, Operations Officer, Program Manager, Knowledge Management Officer, Technical Specialist/Sr. Technical Specialist, Economist/Sr. Economist, Financial Specialists, etc.

Managerial Jobs: (GH - GJ)

Managers at the Bank are responsible for the day to day management of staff, their work programs and budgets. Bank managers provide the thought leadership, vision, and an enabling environment for staff to fulfill the Bank’s mission with passion and professionalism. Typical jobs found in this stream are: Sector Manager, Sector Director, Country Manager, Country Director, Senior Advisor, Vice Presidents, etc.

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