Voice Secondment Program

Program for government officials to take part in a unique capacity-building and knowledge-sharing exchange between the Bank and our 180+ member countries.

The Voice Secondment Program(VSP) is a capacity enhancement program for civil servants from constituent government agencies particularly from countries classified as Low Income Countries. The main objectives of the Voice Secondment Program are to assist with Bank’s relations with their constituencies, to strengthen the ability of the capitals to provide timely and adequate feedback, and to increase knowledge of officials from Developing and Transition Countries (DTCs) on Bank procedures, products and operations.

Expected outcomes include:

  • More systematic and regular feedback from the constituencies on key issues.
  • Substantial involvement in key policy issues.
  • Significant improvement in the dialogue between the Bank and the constituent countries.
  • Better informed constituencies that can make maximum use of the resources and opportunities available not just at the Bank but also from other aid agencies.

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