Global Secondment Program

Provides opportunities for partner organizations and the World Bank Group to stimulate knowledge sharing, strategic alliances, and capacity building.

The Global Secondment Program (GSP) provides an opportunity for officials of a member country, regional agency, development bank, international organization, academia, or private enterprise to be appointed on a Special Assignment to the World Bank for a specific period of time not to exceed four years for skills enhancement, knowledge sharing, strategic alliances, cultural exchange, and diversification to contribute to the Bank’s work program. The GSP is often used as a pre-recruitment step, especially for nationalities of concern.

Each assignment is arranged directly between the hiring manager, the external organization, and the participant. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to ensure that the Terms of Reference does not present a conflict of interest and that other hiring guidelines are maintained. Terms of Reference should be submitted in the GSP World Bank Group format. Participants must meet relevant selection criteria commensurate with the proposed grade of the assignment.

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