Every year, around 30 future leaders are accepted into the Young Professionals Program. YPs spend 24 months in a structured training program, and enjoy a wealth of benefits and opportunities

Professional Experience

Young Professionals will take 2 one-year rotational assignments, where they will gain valuable on-the-job experience. They are a member of a team, where they are expected to make significant contributions towards the unit's work program while they gain a broad overview of the World Bank's policies and work.

  • 1st rotational assignment (up to 12 months) will be a "stretch assignment" designed to provide the incoming YP with an opportunity to gain skills and experience that are beneficial from the corporate perspective.
  • 2nd rotational assignment (up to 12 months) will be a "job assignment,” after which the YP is expected to graduate into the same unit, unless there are compelling business cases or serious performance issues.

Field Work

During their assignment, Young Professionals join their colleagues on field assignments in developing countries. These assignments present opportunities for Young Professionals to experience firsthand the challenges of global development, understand a key aspect of World Bank’s work, and get to know the World Bank's clients and their issues.


Young Professionals Orientation: Young Professionals participate in a specially designed orientation where they become familiar with the operations of the World Bank so that they can integrate into their work teams smoothly and efficiently.

Individual Training Opportunities: Young Professionals have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of training activities organized within the institution as well as seminars offered outside the World Bank.

Young Professional Roundtables: A series of discussions are organized for Young Professionals around the procedures, policies, and business culture of the World Bank. Topics cover subjects such as "Integrating into World Bank Teams", "The World Bank's Business Directions" and "Performance and Feedback".

Coaching & Mentoring

Peer Mentors: Young Professionals are assigned a peer mentor from the previous year's group, based on their professional interests and cultural background. Peer mentors can be valuable in helping new recruits better understand the expectations and challenges of the Program.

Young Professionals Program Office: The Office is dedicated to recruiting and helping integrate Young Professionals into the World Bank. It is led by a Program Manager (a former Young Professional) who coordinates various activities designed to support Young Professionals, including mentoring them, helping formulate career strategies, and representing them with institutional management. The office is a one-stop-shop for Young Professionals looking for support and guidance.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary: As an entry-level professional in the World Bank, each Young Professional receives an internationally competitive salary based on their education and professional experience.

Health, Life, Accident and Other Insurance Programs: Young Professionals and their families including domestic partners may choose from three comprehensive medical/dental benefit plans available. The World Bank also provides basic life and accident insurance to all staff at no cost, and staff can also elect optional life and accident insurance plans. The World Bank also provides disability and Worker's Compensation coverage to staff at no cost.

Pension Plan: The World Bank sponsors a comprehensive pension plan for eligible staff. The World Bank is responsible for funding the defined benefit component and two-thirds of the cash balance component. Staff makes one-third contribution to the cash balance component and may also contribute additionally to the voluntary savings component. Upon separation from the World Bank, either a lump sum or a pension will become payable to the staff based on eligibility.

Relocation Benefits on Appointment: These benefits are only applicable to staff who are not residents of the Greater Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area at the time of appointment.

  • Relocation Travel: The World Bank will bear the cost of one-way transportation of staff and immediate dependent family from the staff member's residence.
  • Relocation Shipment: You may choose to have the World Bank handle your shipping arrangements, or you may elect the Optional Shipment Grant.
  • Relocation Grant: A one-time grant is included in the first paycheck to cover the cost of relocation.

Mobility Premium: A financial benefit is provided for a fixed period of time to cover expenses associated with being an expatriate staff member, based on family size and nationality. This benefit is not available for U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents who are based in Washington DC.

Tax Allowance: U.S. staff receive an additional quarterly payment to cover the U.S., state and local income tax liabilities on their World Bank income. Expatriates and U.S. permanent residents do not incur U.S. income tax liability and are thus not eligible for this benefit.

Financial Assistance: The World Bank Group offers several financial assistance programs, including a two-year interest-free settling-in loan to those who relocate upon appointment.

Am I Eligible?

  • 32 years of age or younger
  • A Master’s degree and 3+ years relevant professional experience or continued academic study at doctoral level
  • Specialization in a field relevant to World Bank operations
  • Fluency in English and in another World Bank working language

Applicants fit to a “T”


The aim of the Program is to identify candidates with technical depth and professional breadth.

Why YPP?

The Young Professionals Program provides you with fascinating opportunities in global development."

Mitsunori, Japan

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