The application for the 2015 Selection Process for the Young Professionals Program at the World Bank is now closed.
The next Selection Process for the 2016 will be opened from May 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

Before You Apply

  • You meet the minimum requirements for eligibility before completing your application to the Young Professionals Program
  • You have all the information at hand including key dates, an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV), Education Certificates/Transcripts, PhD Dissertation/Master’s Thesis topics (short summary), if applicable, and the Application Essay ready to be uploaded.

Application Essay for the 2015 Selection Process

The World Bank Group’s mission to help free the world of poverty has been translated into two clearly articulated goals. The first goal is a moral imperative to end extreme poverty by 2030 for the 1.2 billion people who continue to live with hunger and destitution. Along with lingering poverty, groups of people are falling behind in some developing countries that, over the past decade, enjoyed strong economic growth, resulting in widening inequality. The second goal established by the World Bank Group is therefore to promote shared prosperity.

Describe in less than 1,000 words the (i) potential role of the World Bank in resolving some of the above challenges, and (ii) your own contribution if you were to work for the World Bank. You may focus on a region or set of countries as well as your area of expertise to describe your proposals.

Application Checklist

The application checklist is meant to facilitate your application experience.

  • You will be asked to register for an account and provide an email address.
  • You must complete your application in a single session and will be able to submit it only if you have uploaded all the required documents and answered all the questions (all questions marked with an asterisk(*) are required)
  • Provide the most current contact information. This information should be valid for a period of one year. In case your contact information changes during the selection process, please email us the updated data
  • Ensure that you have correctly spelled out your e-mail address, since this will be our main source of communication with you regarding your candidacy
  • Remember to enter your complete phone number (country code + city code + number)
  • Please attach the following documents (mandatory):
    • CV
    • Education Certificates/Transcripts
    • PhD Dissertation/Master’s Thesis topic (short summary), if applicable
    • Application Essay
  • Apply only once. Only your first application will be considered for the Program.
  • Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any further changes/updates.
  • Applicants are asked not to contact the Young Professionals Program or WB staff for information on their application status.

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